Our Hot Spring: Complete Immersion

Aomoriya HOTSPRING Photo1

Uki Yu

An outdoor bath situated on top of a pond.

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Hiba Yu

A comfortable indoor bath where you can enjoy the feel and scent of Aomori Hiba (hinoki cypress).

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Aomoriya HOTSPRING Photo1

Moto Yu

A local relaxation spot shined down on by the morning light

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This outdoor bath, which allows you to enjoy the elegant feel of each season, is the pride of Aomoriya.
This bath stretches far across the wide pond, a modern design that truly gives you the feeling that you are floating on top of the water.
Enjoy a comfortable feeling of freedom as you soak in the hot water.
At night, the moon and the stars twinkle on the surface of the water, and the surrounding lights produce a mystical atmosphere.
A serene breeze caresses your cheeks, allowing you to enjoy a dream like bath.
The deep greens of summer and the red-yellow colors of autumn reflect off the water’s surface, producing a breath-taking and beautiful scene.

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Wood from the Aomori Hinoki cypress tree, which make up what has been called one of the three most beautiful forests in Japan since age past, is used in abundance on the ceiling, walls, and in the bathtub.
The smooth feel of the wood and its refreshing scent give you the feel of taking an outdoor forest bath.
Enjoy a relaxing bath in either the hot-water or warm-water tub while taking in the expansive scenic view in front of you.
At night, the steam quietly rises, giving off a gentle and refined Aomori hinoki scent, and you can look out from the window at the mystical atmosphere of the lit-up outdoor bath.

Aomoriya HOTSPRING Photo3-1

The history of Aomoriya begins with this hot spring, which is loved by both our guests and the people of the area as it is draw directly from the source.
This high quality, thick hot spring, the abundant waters of which bubble up to the surface, is enjoyable for its steamy feel within a retro “Showa” period atmosphere that closely resembles an old-style hot spring spa.
Enjoy some time warming your body and soul as you come into contact with the dialect of the local people, their culture, and way of life.
10 minute walk from the front desk of the main building.
* We provide a shuttle bus service.