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Our Food: Fantastic Flavors

Enjoy the a feeling of experiencing the climax of the 4 famous Aomori festivals, the Aomori Nebuta, the Hirosaki Neputa, the Hachinohe Sansha Taisai, and the Goshogawara Tachi Neputa, with the soul-stirring songs of the Matsuribayashi and the thunderous sounds of the festival drums. Crown yourself with a hat of flowers as the two Aomori Nebuta floats parade around the venue, and enjoy dancing the Nebuta dance as the two Aomori Nebuta floats parade around the venue. Feel as if you were participating in the real Nebuta Matsuri festival.

Our Zuppa meal set is stuffed full of the flavors of the ocean and mountains. Along with our hot steamed cuisine, you can enjoy a variety of the cuisine boasted by Aomori-ya, including beef broiled on a ceramic plate, the local “Senbei (rice cracker) broth” dish, and more.

Under the ”Kaccha no Bangenmanma” (mother’s dinner) concept, we carry a lineup of over approximately 80 types of foods, including Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes. We also provide Aomori spirits at this buffet style restaurant, so both children and adults can enjoy what they like.

This restaurant, constructed like an old-style home, is done in the style of a farm kitchen, and we greet you with a warm smile at the entrance such like you would get when returning to your rural home. Come to this warm place to take a break and relax.

We cook up one of the dishes we are most proud of right in front of your eyes at the live kitchen corner found within the buffet-style restaurant.
Enjoy spare ribs and freshly friend tempura, as well as the magnificent skill of our master cooks here. Have yourself a freshly cooked piping-hot meal here.

We prepare around 60 types of foods such as salted squid innards, Nanban miso dishes and more.
Also enjoy a vegetable salad, yogurt, or other such foods for some morning envigoration.

This place carries local Aomori spirits and you could savor Aomori local sales and delicious foods too. At the Showa retro design “izakaya”, you can find a comfortable seat or just enjoy a drink in standing. We offers different seating plans for making everyone could feel easy to enjoy a special time here.

The thatched-roof old home restaurant"Nanbu Magariya" is where you may experience the food culture of Aomori.Here the kaiseki meal of dinner is prepared with the "Nanako Hacchin"precious seafood an fish roes which have been loved by the locals of Aomori prefecture since the old days. Also you could enjoy our breakfast tray packed with delicious seasonal ingredients, including hot miso soup cooked over the hearth and the local delicacy baked miso shellfish at this restaurant too.

Michinoku Matsuriya

A feeling of presence as if you were at the real Nebuta Matsuri festival

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Restaurant NORESORE

Meet “Kaccha” (mother) in the kitchen of an old-style home

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Here is a Japanese bar which called “izakaya” in Japan.

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Nanbu Magariya

A Old home restaurant where you may experience the food culture of Aomori

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