Horse-drawn cart rides

Enjoy a morning ride as you gaze out at the snow covered trees from your horse cart.

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Aomori Craft Workshop - Aomori Kobo

Take home hand-made Aomori handicrafts

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Mt. Hakkoda
: Snow Monster

~Popular winter activity

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Mt. Hakkoda
: Snow Corridor

~Popular spring activity

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Horse Carriage Tour: Hana yori Dango

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A horse-drawn carriage ride through the park, with an elaborate plan for each season.
The horse-drawn carriages, all made from Aomori hiba (cypress) wood, are drawn by an energetic female horse.
Her most attractive features are her kind eyes and plaited mane, and she is everyone's idol.
Enjoy riding through the park in the morning accompanied by the light sound of horses' hooves.

Aomori has an abundance of traditional handicrafts. A variety of Aomori handicrafts famous throughout Japan, such as Tsugaru lacquerware, Kokeshi dolls, kite paintings, Southern torn strip-style fabrics, Koginzashi needleworks, and more have been passed down here through the ages. Aomori Kobo is a place where you can enjoy traditional Aomori handicrafts and other activities that are very easy to participate in.

Mt. Hakkoda: Snow Monster
Snow Monster(snow-clad tree) is a special view which can mainly be seen in Tohoku region. For hotel guests, we provide a bus tour to Hakkoda ropeway to watch snow monsters and enjoy the local popular hot spring “Sukayu Onsen” for a combo package. 

■Jan 5, 2018~Mar 15, 2018 (Depart on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

【 8:30】 Depart from Aomoriya
【10:30】 Arrive at Hakkoda Ropeway(Hike to the hill to watch snow monsters)
【11:40】 Depart from Hakkoda Ropeway
【11:55】 Arrive at Sukayu Onsen(1 hour free time for the hot spring)
【13:00】 Arrive at Hakkoda Hotel(1 hour lunch)
【14:00】 Depart from Hakkoda Hotel
【16:30】 Arrive at Aomoriya

■Admission: 7,500 yen per adult (ALL Included: a tour guide, lunch, ropeway fee, and hot spring fee)
※4,500 yen for elementary and pre-school child
■3 days prior reservation is required 
■Up to 40 person, earlier reservations are recommended.

Mt. Hakkoda: Snow Corridor
A popular early spring activity, the package includes visiting snow corridor (may reach up to 9 meters high) and hot spring.

◆April 06, 2018~April 20, 2018
※Depart on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
【 8:00】 Depart from Aomoriya
【 9:30】 Suiren Numa(Pond/View point of snow corridor) ⇒stop for 25 minutes
【10:00】 Sukayu Onsen
【11:00】 Depart from Sukayu Onsen
【12:30】 Return to Aomoriya

◇Admission: JPY 4,000 per adult(All included: tour guide/hot spring)
JPY 2,500 for elementary & preschool student

→3 days prior reservation is required.

Horse Carriage Tour: Hana Yori Dango
A popular spring activity which is held every year. “Hana yori dango” means that feast over cherry blossom viewing. “Dango” means rice balls which is freshly roasted and will be provided on the carriage.

・Period: April 7 to May 31, 2018
・Time: 9:00/ 9:30 / 10:00 / 10:30 (20 minutes per departure)
・Fee: 1,200 yen per adult、1,000 yen per child、700 yen per preschool child

※ Each departure is up to 8 person.
※ 3 days prior online reservation / or book at the activity counter one day before.